Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is at core of everything we do.

We have been working to build innovative technologies around agriculture to build best precision farming tool.


Crop Doctor


Fruit Counting


Satellite Imagery

Plants Diseases Symtoms Ontology

Crops demand close monitoring regarding diseases because these ones can affect significantly both production and postharvest life. The identification of disease symptoms plays a crucial role in the successful cultivation of crops. Ikshana is building ontololgy of plants diseases symtoms which has the relationships of plant condition with various diseases and virsuses. Coupled with Ikshana Image Recogntion Technology ,this can be a formidable tool for early detection and management of diseases.


Image Technology

We have trained and built AI models- - To detect fruits in a true
-To detect unhealthy leaves
These models give data in real time and have been trained on dataset collected manually on fields coupled with inovative synthetic way of generating data which further improves it’s accuracy


Satellite Imagery Analysis

We collect satellite data of fields and further have built technology to analyze upto 10m area of a field.Such granularity gives ability to find unhealthy spots in a field but also observe previous season patterns.