Technology Lens for Smart Farming

Ikshana is a free app that provides decision intelligence to farmers using Artificial Intelligence and Technology solutions to empower them to monitor crops remotely, find problem spots in fields, add notes, pest management, disease detection, fruits counting and monitor crop rotation.

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Farm Management

Farm Management

Monitor farms using satellite imagery, get weather updates,info about field utilization,best time to spray etc.

Farm Management

Crop Doctor

Monitor crop health,keep a check on pest/diseases using our proprietary AI enabled features

Farm Management

Fruit Counting

Take the guesswork out of setting accurate crop yield targets. Ikshana unique camera feature helps to track count and size your crop, tracking progress from bud to bin.


Ikshana’s Crop Doctor is a technology solution to farmers’s most fundamental challenge: disease and pest management. Our innovative tools capture problems with plants using phone camera and like a expert doctor list down diseases and its management by analyzing symptoms.

The tool is built collecting all possible diseases with crop and using Artificial Intelligence we have built ontology of symptoms . It is a innovative tool which is further empowered by adding diagnosis for every disease detected.

shana-Eye on field always.

Monitor your field using satellite imagery.Draw your farm boundaries and get latest updated and free satellite imagery data of field. Satellite Based remote monitoring provides abundance of info at various stages of crop which help in important decision making.

Ikshana provide NVDI maps for field which help in identifying the problem spots in field and also monitor the progress of crop during the entire season.



Ikshana is loaded with awesome features that makes it farmers best friend
Fruit Counting

Field utilization of your field

Using satellite imagery and observing growth pattern we calculate percentage of field actually being used.

Fruit Counting

By analysing weather and wind speed, we suggest best effective time of spraying.

Fruit Counting

Weather Updates

Get weather update for your fields and stay informed if any alaert

Fruit Counting

Knowledge sharing from community

Stay in touch with farmers and latest news concerning new practices.